Web penetration test ability

System/network penetration test skill

Vulnerability analysis ability

Security incident analysis skill

Reverse engineering capability (preferred)

Work Environment

1. Annual Salary: company bylaw (negotiable)

2. Welfare/Benefits: National pension, health insurance, employment insurance, occupational health and safety insurance. For team leaders (corporate card and team operation fees are provided)

3. Salary system: regular bonuses, severance pay, incentives

4. Extra pay system: bonuses upon acquiring certifications

5. Medical/Health benefits: gym membership fees provided

6. Meals: Dinner is paid for if working overtime in the evening

7. Transportation fees: taxi fare provided at night

Applicant Requirements

1. Academics: Bachelor’s degree from 4 year university or is expected to graduate

2. Experience: New/Experienced

3. Major: N/A (computer science major preferred)

4. Gender: N/A

5. Age: N/A

6. Certifications: N/A (information processing engineer certification preferred)

Submitted Documents

1. Resume, Self-Introduction

2. Work experience

- Include contact number on your resume

- Specify desired salary on your resume

- Include your photograph on the resume (3x4 cm)

- All submitted documents will not be returned

- Other evidential documents can be submitted after passing the application review


Submit Application

Application Review

Interview in person

Hiring confirmation

Send resume via email to the recruiter

- Experienced applicants must include career & work experience resumes

- New employee will get extra points during document review for submitting a portfolio

We will individually inform candidates that passed document review for an in-person interview date

Make sure to be on time for the interview (be present 10 minutes ahead of time)

We will individually inform candidates that passed the in-person interview