Based on the extensive experience of specialized security consulting company, MetiEye provides outstanding pattern collecting ability,
fast algorithm, as well as swift and light architecture.

  • Solidstep(솔리드스텝)
  • portable(솔리드스텝포피씨)
  • portable(솔리드스텝포터블)
  • MetiEye(메티아이)
metieye appliance
  • Solidstep(솔리드스텝) 소개서 다운로드
  • Solidstep(솔리드스텝) 브로셔 다운로드
metieye function
SERVER Windows 2000/2003/2003 R2/2008/2008 R2/2012/XP/Vista/7/8(32/64bit)
IBM AIX 5.1 and above
HP-UX PA-RISC 11.00 and above
HP-UX Itanium 11.23 and above
Oracle Solaris SPARC 5.6 and above
Oracle Solaris x86
Linux glibc 2.2 (32/64bit) and above
MetyEye(메티아이) FAQ
  • It depends on the number of scan target. Please contact to head of sales for more details.
  • Please contact us to +82)2-6959-0126~7 or
  • Not like other company that relies on exteral Webshall pattern update, MetiEye support additional non pattern(heuristic) detection. It is a developed solution by hackers who knows well enough about Webshell. We assure that MetiEye is the best solution for detection of new/variant Webshell
  • Yes, it's possible. Falsification on Webshell and homepage can be measured checked by real-time monitoring of file system. This absolutely fulfills perfect monitoring and measuring.
  • We recommend overall inspection on Webshell about installing solution and construction environment as a whole Installing hardware can be done 100 for a day. Webshell's overall iinspection is a subject to change depending on customer's infrastructure environment.
  • No, absolute detection is impossible. The infringement accident on Web firewall's consistently occurred through Webshell even after the introduction of current Web firewall. Since Webshell is running by script, it is hard to monitoring with previous network security system such as Web firewall IPS and IDS. Because anti-virus software scan has difficulty on quick reponse, professional solution on Webshell is required. Furthemore, Webshell requires direct monitoring on installed file system. Monitoring in the middle of network is not a perfect reponse on Webshell since web firewall has structural limitations.
  • Because other company's Webshell solution is completed by IT developer, it might have low intelligibility on quality of Webshell. Not only that, there's limitation on fast responding to variant/extend threaten since it relies on external Webshell pattern. MetiEye has completed with hackers who produce Webshell and experts who has been working on information security consulting, vulnerability scan, and penetration test. Exports have high conpetitiveness on core technical skills. MetiEye reseaches consistently to develop new Webshell on real attacker's point of view. Thus MetiEye gives the best professionalism within in the same field.
  • It is necessary when real-time monitoring is needed. The attack through Webshell cana easily tack over the server which penetrates standardized structure into the automated script. Thus, installing agent is required just like real-time monitoring is required.
  • Fundamentally, we ask 15% of retail purchase fee includes S/W and H/W repair, item update, version upgrde etc.
  • Yes, it is possible. MetiEye is in partnership with penta-security. it interlocked with Webshell solution and Web firewall. Thus, it creates a synergy effect by using both solutions together.